Gaeilge Resources


Purists will say that there are some mistakes in the popular app, but the ability to take out your smarphone anywhere anytime and practice your Irish can’t be overstated.

The Irish Language Synthesizer from Trinity College Dublin is the next best thing to having a real chat with an Irish speaker.

Just type in your text, and the system will say it out loud in a variety of dialects, speeds and variations.

Dictionary and grammar site. Great for reference as you would use a dictionary, but look out for words with multiple meanings.

Glossary, thesaurus and search through Beo articles. Great to find idioms, expressions and see how they are used in actual news articles.

The Ireland place name database will help you delve into the meanings behind the names of town and villages all over Ireland.

Books for learners

Currently hailed as the best method for beginners, be aware that a teacher will most likely be required, or at least having a more advanced learner explain some finer points of grammar. 

Hands down the best Irish-English dictionary available in print. Well worth the purchase price these days.

The best English-Irish dictionary available in print at the moment, and the companion of the famous O’Dónaill dictionary.

A great beginner’s dictionary with Irish-English and English-Irish sections. Also contains additional explanatory sections in the preface, center pages and end pages which can be helpful for learners. 

An older method, but still the favourite of many, Buntús Cainte was the standard for decades, and a bestseller since its introduction. It’s lighthearted, and definitenly not politically correct humor is a byproduct of its time, but an easier to manage Irish lesson plan can’t be found anywhere.

Affectionately known by begginers everywhere as the “Scary Green Book”, Progress in Irish is another standard of the ages. It provides an incredibly densely packed curriculum, fairly heavy on vocabulary and phrases which gets you up and running and making your own sentences faster than just about any other method out there.