Brezhoneg Resources

Because Brittany is in France, a working knowledge of French is recommended.
Most books and methods assume the learner will speak French.


One of the few English online resources, Kervarker provides a basic learning curriculum based on “Ni a gomz brezhoneg” by Mark Kerrain

Ofis Public Ar Brezhoneg

The official site of the Breton Language, it provides links and information to events, courses and services to help learners.

Note that the site is only available in French and Breton

English to Breton dictionary

This English to Breton dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both English to Breton and Breton to English translations will be listed at once.


A small primer on Breton on along with some pronunciation help and a wonderful video on the importance of Breton to Bretons.

Hiziv An Deiz

A seven chapter beginner course in French. Useful introduction to grammar as well. 


Great French site to learn with courses, virtual classrooms and news.

Books for learners

(in French)

(in French)