Why Learn Celtic Languages?

We learn these languages because a language is the most important part of a society's culture, and it's time to rescue these unique ways of communicating and thinking about the world before they are lost.

Learn Celtic Languages

If you've wanted to learn a Celtic language, but you've found it difficult to do online, you're not the only one.
Fortunately, you've just found the right place to succeed.

Chat with real people

Listening and speaking to real people is the best way to learn a language, but there's no pressure here. Talk right away or just listen at first.
Join us and take the guesswork out of learning your Celtic Language.

All the equipment you need
You don't need to go out and buy expensive equipment or software.
You probably already have everything you need.
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It’s Easy to Get Started.

It's easy to subscribe as a member, and it's free.
When we add courses, webinars and other materials you'll be the first to know when you can enroll into courses or learning programs.

Help build a community

Everyone here shares a passion for Celtic languages, and most will have a particular interest in one of them. 

If you speak, or you want to learn a Celtic language, you too belong here.

Learn and Teach

By chatting with others, everyone’s level improves. While learning, you are also helping learners from all around the world practice.

Live online courses starting shortly

In the next couple of weeks, as our online community starts growing, we will organize live courses right here on CelticChat.
The search already begins for teachers for all Celtic languages. If you are fluent, or you know someone who is, click on Contact Support below, and let us know!
Pricing and other details to follow.

Learning Resources

The list of free Resources available for each language will grow with our discoveries and your recommendations, but we will also provide learning materials as soon as teachers are recruited. Those materials will be available in the Members Only section.

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